Getting Started
MyNaBo is an African regional center for reliable contacts and the exchange of useful information, goods and services. We believe that by bringing our neighbors together, we can create a friendlier world, where everyone has a trustworthy community. The connection with the real world is a universal need of mankind. This fact and the fact that the community is one of the most important and valuable communities in our lives have been the guiding principles of MyNaBo from the very beginning. In a world where everyone has a trustworthy area, our mission is to be a neighborhood center for reliable connections and the exchange of useful information, goods and services.
MyNaBo is created for the world and African communities, currently we are available in all African countries such as:
  1. Nigeria
  2. South Africa
  3. Algeria
  4. DR Congo
  5. Sudan
  6. Libya
  7. Chad
  8. Niger
  9. Angola
  10. Mali
  11. Ethiopia
  12. Mauritania
  13. Egypt
  14. Tanzania
  15. Namibia
  16. Mozambique
  17. Zambia
  18. Morocco
  19. South Sudan
  20. Somalia
  21. Central African Republic
  22. Madagascar
  23. Botswana
  24. Kenya
  25. Cameroon
  26. Zimbabwe
  27. Congo
  28. Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)
  29. Burkina Faso
  30. Gabon
  31. Guinea
  32. Ghana
  33. Uganda
  34. Senegal
  35. Tunisia
  36. Malawi
  37. Eritrea
  38. Benin
  39. Liberia
  40. Sierra Leone
  41. Togo
  42. Guinea-Bissau
  43. Lesotho
  44. Equatorial Guinea
  45. Burundi
  46. Rwanda
  47. Djibouti
  48. Eswatini (Swaziland)
  49. Gambia
  50. The Cape Verde
  51. Comoros
  52. Mauritius
  53. São Tomé and Príncipe
  54. Seychelles
Although we have no plans to release in other countries/regions, we hope to see MyNaBo in regions around the world in the future.
    Compared with Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and other groups, MyNaBo today provides African neighbor groups with the following main advantages:
      • Address verification to ensure that people on MyNaBo are real neighbors.
      • The neighborhood directory is built on a real profile page, so you can really know your neighbors (and there is also a dynamically updated contact information directory).
      • Regional map.
      • The ability to use the "nearby area" feature to communicate with people who live near you but outside the area, and the ability to create public or private groups (subgroups)
    within the area.
      • Members can manage their email preferences based on the types of messages they want to receive.
      • Members can customize their notifications.
      • Verified pages and user icons.
      • Market Place and MyNaBo Ecommerce Platform
      • Nearby functions and Ability for MyNaBo to send a shoutout when its your birthday
      • Watch and stream music and videos
      • Alarm function, which allows you to send urgent data (emergency, crime, etc.) via SMS and email.
      • The recommendation section, archive recommendations by category, making it easier to navigate and find information over time.
      • Activities that can indicate who plans to go there.
      • Categories "sale" and "free", which makes this type of exchange easier and more effective than simple messages. Based on the solution.
      • Ministry of Crime and Security.
      • Regional forums
      • Lots of information and history about your area.
      • Blogs, etc.
Also, keep in mind that MyNaBo is 100% focused on this use case (local group), so you can expect these differences to increase this year and beyond. This is a useful blog post on how to use MyNaBo to boost your business

How big are the MyNaBo neighborhoods? MyNaBo neighborhoods can have anywhere from 50 to 9,000 households, although we've found that MyNaBo works best in neighborhoods with 100 to 4,000 households. When a neighborhood is too small it can be difficult to achieve the critical mass of active posters required for a MyNaBo website to thrive, while neighborhoods with too many houses become too active and can alienate some of the members the ability to selectively share news with the surrounding MyNaBo neighborhoods as well as view posts from these nearby neighbors.

With a wider audience, use the Find Friend, this feature enables members to search for people in outside their neighborhood, selectively exchange messages with neighbors around MyNaBo and view messages from these neighbors.

Since every neighborhood is unique, you and your neighbors can create a group or forum with a little more or less houses than normal. Outside of our recommended size please contact us and we will be happy to check what options are available.
NOTE MyNaBo will no longer be compatible with Internet Explorer as of June 15, 2021.
We recommend using one of the following fully supported browsers for full access to MyNaBo.
You can use MyNaBo on the internet with browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge.

Firefox ( )
Safari (
Chrome (
Edge (

SHORT TIP MyNaBo works best with the latest supported version of a browser. If you use MyNaBo in older versions of these browsers or in browsers not listed above, you may not be able to use parts of MyNaBo features.

At MyNaBo, we've always believed there is a great way to connect neighbors with businesses that serve the local community. The following promotional products help us to achieve this goal and at the same time generate the income we need to build a sustainable business and keep MyNaBo much more fun for everyone.

Their expertise in their zip codes by buying a neighborhood sponsorship on MyNaBo. Buying of our Pro Plans for advertisers and business owners is one way we generate revenue to keep this community on.

PRO Packages - Neighborhood businesses can purchase pro packages on MyNaBo to announce special offers to MyNaBo members in their area using targeted ads. This product is currently available for anyone interested in buying the premium features.

As always, protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Participating companies do not have access to their MyNaBo users calls or their directory. Further information can be found in our data protection declaration.

MyNaBo Android application is a feature-rich app that allows you to enjoy all the features of the MyNaBo community. No matter where you are, it has all the advantages of keeping in touch with your area. To download MyNaBo for Android, visit the Google Play Store from your Android phone.

MyNaBo for iPhone MyNaBo for iPhone is a feature-rich application that puts all the functions of the neighborhood under control. No matter where you are, it has all the benefits of keeping in touch with others. To download MyNaBo for iPhone, visit the Apple App Store from your iPhone.

MyNaBo is only available for 64-bit devices. This list includes:

• iPhone X

• iPhone 8, 8 Plus

• iPhone 7, 7 Plus

• iPhone SE

• iPhone 6, 6S, 6S Plus

• iPhone 5S

MyNaBo for iPhone provides all the functions provided on the MyNaBo website.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about MyNaBo's advertising practices! Whether you're new to MyNaBo or you've been on the block for some time, we've put together this helpful guide to answer some frequently asked questions. Platform supported, which means advertisers are helping keep MyNaBo free for neighbors like you.

Ads help us to support companies and at the same time use MyNaBo for free. In accordance with our ad policy, you are welcome to advertise on MyNaBo. Advertisers of all sizes can share information about their services. You can see ads in the main news feed, summary emails, app summary, Market Place, Blogs and the Forum section. These ads are clearly marked as "Sponsored". You can take a closer look at each type of ad on the MyNaBo Business site.

Why am I seeing the same ad or advertiser repeatedly?

It's not uncommon to see the same ad multiple times and it's a natural part of the ad serving process. Ads frequency does not violate MyNaBo's ad policy, so there is no need to report an ad that has been shown multiple times.

Why am I seeing ads that don't seem relevant to me?

MyNaBo is focused on local hyper content and many advertisers are interested in reaching people in a particular place of residence. You can think of it like a billboard in your neighborhood. Some ads are designed to target large groups of people and others are designed to target a much smaller individual group. You can find more information about how we use personal data in our privacy policy.

How can I report an ad that I believe violates MyNaBo advertising guidelines?

If you see an ad that you believe is against MyNaBo's ad policy, take a screenshot of the ad and contact us. We take these reports very seriously and will respond to your request as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE that ads that are irrelevant or repetitive do not violate MyNaBo's ad policies and should not be reported. MyNaBo welcomes all companies that share our values of friendliness and community empowerment. There are many ways to advertise on our platform. A list of advertising opportunities for companies can be found on our blog posts. We are happy to work with you! For more information about your privacy options and how to manage your preferences, see the MyNaBo privacy policy and cookie policy.

Here you can find our membership agreement. If you have any questions or concerns about our membership agreement, Click Here to contact us

Community Guidelines

We're happy to have you here. We want everyone to feel welcome at MyNaBo, and we've created these guidelines to define the community values we want to build.

On MyNaBo, you're not connected by a common preference, but rather by a common connection to one place: your neighborhood. Let's build a strong one together. Be respectful of your neighbors, strong communities are based on strong relationships.

No Discrimination: We do not tolerate racism, hate speech or any form of discrimination.

Discuss Important Issues Properly

We have specific guidelines and spaces for important non-local issues such as national trust-based politics: we want everyone to know they are communicating with their real neighbor, so we ask you to use their true identity.

MyNaBo members play a key role in moderating the neighborhood by reporting content or members who violate these guidelines. Remember, rejecting a post is not a reason to report it. This slows down our ability to remove truly abusive content and create a platform that makes everyone feel welcome.

If you have any questions or concerns about our community guidelines, Click Here to contact us

Group Policy

In general, MyNaBo Community Guidelines apply to groups as well, with the exception of the following sections of the policy:

Be respectful of your neighbors

Profanity - Except for naming that suggests someone's identity, group administrators can choose profanity in their groups to allow.

Posting, Excessive Posting, Dominating, or Hijacking Conversations: Group Administrators can choose whether or not to enforce these policies in their groups.

Correctly Discussing Important Topics Local and National Politics / Issues: Group Administrators can decide which topics to discuss in religion: Group Administrators can decide which religion related topics to discuss in their groups properly

Promote local business properly Group administrators can set the rules for doing business in their groups (provided that they do not allow a violation of other guidelines, such as a ban on the sale of illegal or regulated products).In addition, Group Administrators have full discretion as to which members and contributions they allow in their groups, as long as they do not exercise that discretion in a manner that violates MyNaBo's non-discrimination policy or otherwise undermines MyNaBo's purpose.

If an entire group violates the above guidelines, members can report it and MyNaBo staff will review it.

If you have any questions or concerns about our group guidelines, Click Here to contact us

Why is MyNaBo account disabled?

MyNaBo is a place for neighbors to network, stay informed, and help one another in their daily lives. To ensure everyone has a good experience and MyNaBo remains a civil community space where all members feel welcome, safe, and respected, everyone must adhere to our community guidelines.

MyNaBo may disable accounts if it is found to violate our Community Guidelines or the Membership Agreement. Some behaviors that could cause your account to be disabled are:

Unsolicited commercial advertisements. Name or address Abusive messages or no neighbors Discrimination or hate speech Fraudulent activity or spam. Neighborhood Mayors are not allowed to deactivate member accounts. Only MyNaBo employees can deactivate accounts.

What can I do if my account is deactivated?

If your account is disabled, you will not be able to access MyNaBo or receive notifications from your MyNaBo neighborhood. If your account has been temporarily disabled, you will see a message with general information about the policies you may have violated, as well as a link to the Community Guidelines where you can learn more about our applicable policies.

At the bottom of the screen you will also see when your account can be reset. If you sign in again after the specified number of days, you will be able to access your account after agreeing to Community Guidelines. If you see a reset date, it could mean that your account has been deactivated indefinitely.

Accounts can be suspended indefinitely for violations of the membership agreement or for serious or repeated violations of the community guidelines. If so, you can contact us to find out more about the status of your account.

Please note that the authorization to restore depends on your account history and the severity of the violation. If you believe that your account has been mistakenly deactivated, please contact us to have your account verified. We usually respond to these requests within 48 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns about your account, Click Here to contact us

MyNaBo Teens

MyNaBo youths are open to residents 13 years and older. Like all contributors, we ask young people to observe community principles when interacting with others on the site. Teenagers at MyNaBo, we encourage you to read the rules that apply to the teenagers on our site.

If you are concerned about the improper use of MyNaBo by young people, or that members improperly interact with young people on MyNaBo, please contact us.

Teenagers should also remember that unlike other social media sites they can participate in, MyNaBo’s main purpose is to allow neighbors to share public information.

Discussing personal interests in major news feeds should be restricted unless they are directly related to the local area.

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of MyNaBo for the teens, Click Here to contact us

Account Frequently Asked Questions
We cover this topic in one of our blog post extensively. Click Here to view this Post.
To join our fast growing community, go to fill in your genuine details, don't forget to use a working and accessible email address for you to be able to confirm your email address after registration.

Verify your email address

When you join MyNaBo, you will need to verify your email address by clicking on the verification link we will send you in an email. The email confirmation is independent of the address verification. If you don't immediately verify your email address, you might not be able to have full access into our community.

After all, you will no longer receive any emails from MyNaBo if you don't verify your email address. In a web browser: If you don't see any alerts to verify your email, it simply means your email address already verified. If you see the banner, you should: Check that the email address shown on the banner is correct. Update your email address if it is incorrect. Click on Resend Email in the banner. Sign in to the email account listed in the banner. Look for a MyNaBo Email Confirmation Email Be sure to check your spam / junk folders, promotional and / or bulk emails. Eventually, if you forget to click the link, the banner will return to remind you to verify your email address.

We cover this topic in one of our blog post extensively. Click Here to view this Post.

How to Reset Your Password

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it as long as you still have access to the email address associated with your MyNaBo account. Enter the email address you used to join MyNaBo. You will receive an email with a secure link that you can use to reset your password.

If you do not receive the email within five minutes, please check your spam folder. Don’t forget to add our email to your trusted contacts on your email to enable our email delivered timely and directly to your inbox. If you still don't see an email from MyNaBo, contact us using the link at the bottom of this article. Your email service provider, Email, may have problems delivering email to MyNaBo.

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